The Unconventional Guide to True Love

Before true love let’s just talk about “love”.

Love is all about understanding. It does include forcing someone.

In all of my relationships, what I want from my partner is to love as much as he can.

Someone who can understand me.

Love comes in various forms. And everybody has experienced this once in their lifetime.

Love doesn’t involve being selfish, craving for money, or needing something.

Money doesn’t have any relationship with love. That’s my take on love.

Love is not easy to get. Love is more of it. It includes a lot of things.

Like understanding your partner, respect them, do care for them.

Many people understand love differently. It cannot be love if it has some selfish motive.

True love is even there if your partner is not with you.

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You crave for them at night.

You love to be around them.

You just want that one person for the rest of your life.

True love has no connection with negativity.

A positive person will give positive vibes.

Even if he left you in the mid you will still get inspired by the person.

Everyone wants to be loved and respected.

True Love is deep. It is inside every human being.

We all believe in love.

I believe in love. For the past few years, I have seen a lot of couples and understood their love stories.

Each guy uses a different way to express his/her love.

Yeah, love has different meanings. And we should respect each other’s way of loving.

In today’s era, people fall in love easily. Without knowing much about the person and how love works.

Our education system has not taught us. We don’t have not yet taken degrees into it.

But still, we fall in love.

In the first relationship, we start expecting everything to be perfect.

How can you expect your first relationship to be perfect?   In life, if you have observed no work is perfectly done when you are doing it for the first time. It takes time.

Time to know each other. Time to understand other’s behavior and opinions.

And I personally advise you to take care of these things. No one has the power to hurt you. But only you can.

It has never been easy for any person in this world to find the exact matching soul.

If we look at the holy books of Hinduism, even gods find this thing difficult.

Like shiva and Gori, Radha, and Krishna many more.

They have also faced problems at the time of their relationship.

Don’t force your loved ones to always be there. Instead, leave them completely free.

If the person stays with you in your hardest times then definitely he loves you.

They will do every possible thing.  Be ready to do the odd things.

Nowadays I meet people who are in relationships. I just ask them a simple question: what is love according to you?

Everyone has their own definition of love.

The reason behind this is simple.

Everyone has gone through different types of problems.

You know when I asked some people regarding their opinion some described it as “love is light in the darkness”. While some said, “Love is deceitful”.On the other hand, some expressed it as love is all about being with a person, caring and respecting. One more definition says it is the time spent with loved ones, enjoying the moment’s and being together.

Well, my definition of love is somewhat crazy.

In my opinion, love is still loving that one person whether they are with you or not.

This somehow describes positivity.

I would like to add one more definition “in spite of looking all the odds in a person and still loving that is love”.

Words like this explain a different angle of love.

Love has no boundaries. It doesn’t have any limits. Love is inside us.

You may have a question. Then why are we searching for someone? Because we see love in other humans. We can’t see love inside us. We can only feel it.

Words are having the power to leave an impact. You can impress anyone with your behavior, wording, nature, and care.

Love and true love is the same. True love is deeper.

Are you able to that right-hand side picture?

This is what true love is. Isn’t it beautiful?

I also want to have that kind of bonding with someone. With whom you want to get older or want to spend your life?

true love image

Or I can say “True love is like building a startup”.

Everyone is afraid to do the startup. How I will get customers for my product or service? True love is the same.

People are afraid. When they get attached to someone. Love is a bed of roses. There will be thrones at every step.

True love is like this only. You are gonna cry, face depression. If the person you are with is negative, demotivating, and not ready to understand what you are saying,

Problems will always be there. If you both want to live with each other then the ego, attitude doesn’t matter much.

Get inspiration from your love. Be excited to fulfill each other’s dreams. Prepare surprises for her/him.

Spend some amount of money to give happiness via gifts, planning out the tours. Capture your memories.

Make every moment special for each other. Take every fight or small issue calmly.

Solve everything by understanding. Help him/her in their difficult times.

Be with them when they need you the most. Live in the moment and enjoy everything.

Not, all relationships are about love. Some people just want to be with someone. For them love is nothing. Some even fear falling in love. Some don’t want to hurt themselves.

In many of my relationships, I faced a lot of issues of immaturity, lack of positivity from the other side.

In reality, True love is from both sides.

More often you may face the wrong person. Not to worry you will learn slowly.

These are all the things that make a person mature. Maturity doesn’t come with the age.

Maturity comes with experiences.

More maturity elaborates more experiences.

Less maturity elaborates less or no experiences.

When we fall in love. You see we are not mature then. We become somewhat mature after one of our relationships.

Only love will not give you money or respect.

Start working on yourself. Build a personality that people fall in love with. Increase your value.

When it becomes quite difficult to leave that person. That’s the situation where true love comes and you can feel that.

Don’t mix up true love with habit. In the above lines, I have already defined what true love is. True love has a different spark on its own.

And if you believe in love then trust me no one can separate you from loved ones. But you both can.

Every person is good in some aspects.  God never separates the two. He always takes care.

Don’t do anything wrong with any human.  In love, do everything possible to make things better.

Never hurt the person who loves you. You still can make things better from your side. By taking the required steps.

In love, all you want is to be with her/him.

Love or true love is pure.  The purity of it can’t be measured.

Try hard to achieve your love. It’s not that easy nor difficult.

Sooner love will meet you in its own way. Don’t mix ego and attitude into your relationship.

You may lose that person. Give freedom. Leave them freely.

If it was yours then surely no one can take it from you. If something is made for you, surely even in the future they will be yours.

There is a difference between self-love and love.

Yeah, true love is hard. There will always be one person who is made for you. He/she is a perfect match. Be patient. Life will drop you towards that path someday.

Many people take breakups seriously. Sometimes breaking up just means you need to know more about each other. It’s also a way to love more.

When you look in their eyes you can see the whole world from their eyes. That’s true love.

Here I would like to answer a few questions or doubts about true love.

Q.1 What makes you call something true love and how do you feel it?

When you meet that one person who brings out the best version of you. This is true love. Discovery of self is also true love. True love will give you the feeling of extreme confidence. You will start seeing the world in that person. Your souls will feel connected. Both feel a different kind of bonding. You feel happy being with them. Your happiness will depend on that person. You will start looking and observe your world inside their eyes.

Separation from your love is also a kind of love. Where you discover your true potential. It is also the light in the darkness. When you look at yourself from the past, a lot of change came into you.

For example light = you, darkness = your partner.

When darkness came in contact with the light it eventually spread its own glow. Likewise, your partner will bring out the light which is in with you.

Love is much more beyond what we think.

It has no place for ego, attitude. In true love, you love everything about the person. What motivates you and brings out the right person within you. Love is not only when you are with them.

In an arranged marriage, we have to force ourselves or we are bound to love each other.

Love is just like a mother recently gave birth to a child. She doesn’t know if he/she is her child or not. But when the nurse leaves him in that hand she starts feeling for her child. That child is close to their heart. No matter what. Love is more than one can see or feel.

Q.2 Is there true love, despite all that happens?

Yes, there is true love despite all problems. I have seen it many times. The same happened in my relationship. There are a lot of hurdles, fights, problems, possessiveness, and a lot more. But despite such things, we try to forget everything and we still love each other. There are many ups and downs. But if your man loves you then not to worry. He/she will remain in your tough times. Sometimes mental support is more important than physical. When I had a breakup, it was around 10-20 times. Uhmm, that’s nowadays between a couple. We don’t talk. Later on, after the fight over or in between it, we still engaged in the same way. Like before. We try to talk to each other. Learn to say sorry in a relationship. Not every time. When you truly want your partner then at the end of everything you still love that one person. True love always wins the game.

Q.3 Why do you think true love wins everything?

There is nothing more than true love or love in this world. We love our passion, we love our things, we love our work, likewise, we love people. Yes, True love has the power to win everything. Some love stories are filled with happy endings. And if that was not a happy ending this is your responsibility to get what you want. You can get everything if you are willing.

Yes, I would like to add one more thing: don’t force someone to love you. Let them choose you amongst all people in this world.

Q.4 In your opinion, when can love be considered true?

Love can be considered true when it has the power to go beyond everything which is there in this world. When you care for that person more than anything, when their happiness is more important to you when you accept everything and still be with that person, even after all the grudges you still have the feeling for that person. Love is more of a caring thing. You are ready to do everything for that one person.

Q.5 Is love real in our world or is it just fiction?

Yes, love is real. It’s not at all fiction. Those who fall in love will understand this or relate to love. You know some people will judge love from the films they watch or the imagination they have towards the world.

Let me ask one simple question

Have you ever fallen in love with someone?  Is that fiction? Do you still think that love is what we look into in the movies?

Love is found in people. People who love you will always stay with you.

Another question.

Have you ever missed something or someone in your free time or do you feel alone or feel close to someone?

Love involves emotional intimacy. And that is true love. You won’t be able to see the other person sad, depressed, or hurt.

That’s my take.

What is your opinion on true love?

Let me know in the below comment section. Also ask your queries, if any?

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