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Imran is a relationship advisor and consultant. He is from Maharashtra. He has been consulting in this for almost 5 years now and currently advising. Previously in 2017, he worked with one NGO. Consulted people on relationship issues. He loves traveling. He also likes writing poetry, Shayari, and a lot more.

Let us hear from him,

Hello and welcome Imran

How has been your journey up till now?

When I started my journey I enjoyed solving people’s problems. That is what makes me happy and excited. I solve matters, fights, and a lot more. In the beginning, I started with solving my friends’ cases and I used to handle consultancy. We think and work upon it. Everything was working well. Word of mouth has built my personal brand and I was known as a relationship advisor. Many people came to me for solving their relationship issues. Found one interesting opportunity.  I also worked with one NGO. When I was studying in college. Solved many cases. Worked over there for a very long time. Daily, we were solving 1 or 2 relationship issues.

My target age group for relationship consultants was 20 and above. Later on, we also provided solutions for an age group of 22 to 23. The age group of 25 is much more difficult and of knowledge taking for me. Handled 4 cases of above age bar 25. That contained legal work. At that time more people were involved with me except family, friends. My brother helped me in legal proceedings.

How many people have you consulted till now?

70-80+ people consulted till now. Want to grow this number in the coming future. In the beginning, cases I was handling are about compromises. Later on, faced very serious relationship problems, and also solved some cases which needed legal proceedings. My brother is good at the legal part so I took help from him every time. People came to know about consultancy through my friends. I got more clients by word of mouth. I am quite good at solving relationship problems due to handling more of the cases. Experience comes with understanding the base problem as per my opinion.

Can you consult people of the 25+ age group?

Yes, I can. I have handled those in the past. That requires more practical experience. You need to involve more people if that is a serious issue requiring divorce and all.

Why haven’t you started a social media page?

Don’t have much interest in social media. Relationship Consultancy is my free time job which I love to do. I enjoy my work. Helping people with their problems. Earlier I can devote some time to it but today after college, family responsibility came. I can’t do anything alone. And it needs a lot of time if I start today to grow.

As per your opinion, what’s the correct definition of love?

Well, for me there is no perfect definition of love.

If I have to tell this in contrast with my partner then probably she must accept the current situation/fact. The second is understanding. For me understanding is love. If you can understand your partner then it is a good sign. Love is present where understanding and trust comes.

I can’t explain more about it because the relationship in itself is a huge term.

What’s your aim or dream?

From an early age, I always wanted to become an army officer. Situations changed and later I want to do hotel management. Due to a lack of family support, I was not able to take hotel management as a career. Also, I don’t have much interest in my studies. So apart from studying I love to do consulting. Whenever I see someone who needs relationship advice.

Currently, I want to travel the world and also have some interest in food blogging. That’s my current aim right now.

Would you like to tell me something about true love? What’s the actual meaning of it? Everyone has a different perspective.

Finding true love is very rare in today’s age. When you meet one right person which is completely perfect for you he will understand you. Some act like a mature person and do all activities which show immaturity is not good. The right man/woman will take care of you. He won’t indulge himself in bad activities. Nowadays people just want four things in a relationship: time, money, bonding, sex.

Understanding is a must. Every person possesses a different personality. So we need to listen to each other and if possible make adjustments. More adjustments can create problems but doing a little helps to maintain a good balance on both sides.

One thing I noticed. Couples who are in serious relationships don’t want to leave each other. Due to their current situations, they face difficulty in handling situations. Fear of losing is more. Couples want to stay together in a relationship. We relationship consultants find these kinds of issues very hard to get solved when both of them want to be in a relationship and due to some reason they are giving up on each other.

What kind of relationship can we call a perfect relationship?

There is nothing like a perfect relationship. Live-in is common these days. Yeah, but according to me one who spends more time with their partner. With time they also want their partners to be supportive. I have come across a scenario where one is crying about being in a relationship with someone. He told me that I am feeling like dying every moment without talking to my partner. When you are in love it is generally seen that you don’t have fear of anything.

Have you faced any kind of difficulty when solving people’s problems?

You have to face all kinds of people when you are a relationship consultant. It can also be of lesbian or guy. And that was something very dangerous in the beginning when I just started. I was a little confused about what to say at that time. But solved the issue later. Relationships, when it is serious, will always have many problems. Also, couples can’t solve their issues on their own. They need someone whom they can tell everything to. And let their issue be solved.

Are you planning to upscale your job as a relationship expert?

I have decided this previous year when I wasn’t doing any job. Lockdown made me think about doing relationship consultancy and going it up to the next level. But that also requires investment and a team. Upscaling it to the next level takes the necessary time. And now due to family responsibilities, I won’t be able to allocate much time to it. Surely I would love to do it in the future where I can have much more support and money for investing.

Nowadays Couples hesitate to share their problems with friends and family. What do you think is it easy for them to trust a third party or an authority for these issues?

Yes, Agree with this. People are more likely to share their relationship issues with an authoritative person or third person. They feel more satisfied when told their problem and will get solutions for it. And practically it is correct. In this world, people won’t understand each other’s problems. So choosing someone with authority won’t cause any harm.

Many people have a negative influence on love. What do you suggest for them? Is it good?

When I started this in the very beginning some of them were very negative cases. People came for compromises and told their reasons for the fight.

Some people do leave a negative impact. From my experience what I can say is never leave a negative impact. Karma is always there. Negative experiences will spread negativity within you and try to be positive. Positivity brings a different person within you. Sometimes you are ready to face the challenges which you may have thought difficult in the beginning.

I would like to give one situation just to know your opinion. Two people want Cohabitation. Due to certain reasons, they are not able to make their minds in what ways to go about? What you can suggest in this scenario?

As per my experience, this is what happens in all serious relationships. Couples want to stay together but they can’t. In my past relationship, I have faced this issue. We broke up due to certain reasons. And this also depends on the situation. What is the real situation? More probably if we can solve it then not a big deal. But if we can’t then it leads to disconnection and absent oneself from the relationship. Couples never want to hurt each other when they are in love.

What I see nowadays, relationships are not a problem but it is more of a society and mentality problem.

Couples in today’s era would like to take advantage of what they are actually getting in a relationship. Sometimes it will happen you won’t be able to speak out about your problem in front of your friends, bestie, girlfriend or boyfriend. Because in your head somewhere you already know if you tell them they will laugh and judge you.

Most of the time you want to tell something very important to your partner and they may take it in the wrong way. It also depends on your partner i.e. what kind of bond you both share? Does he/she listen to you or help you in a problematic situation.

I highly recommend you should give time to loved ones, talk to them, and try to understand.

Do you think immaturity and negativity have any relation? What impacts it can have on a relationship? From my perspective it creates problems. What’s your suggestion?

Yes, I agree with this. Always one person has to act like a mature person. Negativity and immaturity lead to big problems. Hard to solve it. One has to realize this on their own. If you are immature and in a relationship with someone then obviously you need to take care of others’ opinions. Give them equal time and resources. That is what will satisfy your partner.

Youth don’t like to spend their money on relationship consulting. Most of them are not having enough income. Spending your limited money on relationship issues I think they would rather like giving expensive items to their partners. What do you think today’s youth face these kinds of problems?

I also believe this. At that age, we also suffered from a lack of pocket money. On the other hand, we like to spend money with our friends, also like to hang out, party and a lot more. Our parents would not give that much money at a very little age. Also, we don’t have any source of income. So it would be difficult for you also to spend their money on getting consulted.

Do you love writing poetry, Shayari, and all?

Yes, I love to write poetry, Shayari, and all other writing stuff. I just love creating content. As a relationship advisor or a person with authority, we need to always come up with something new every time. When I was in my early 20s I used to listen and write Shayari and had a practice of about 5 years.

We would like to hear your best write-ups? Can you read it for our readers?

Yeah sure why not.

I would like to read three of my best write-ups. Here we go.

Har Waqt har lamha

Kyu tanha sa lagta hai,

Kuch reh gaya lagta tumara,

Andar apna sa lagta hai,

Baate kam hoti hai tumse

Mai Seh leta hu,

Dil tut sa gaya hai,

Sab Sapna sa lagta hai…

Khushyian Asal me hoti hai

Maine Unke saath waqt guzar kr dekha hai

Gum bhi hote hai par

Jb wo saath nhi hote…

Do pal sukoon nahi mila iss duniya me

Koi apna mile hume bhi jee chahta hai

Ab nahi hota bardaasht akele jine me

Bas ab maut aa jaye jee chahta hai…

That’s amazing. Great to hear this. For me, the first one is very heart-touching.

Well, it’s my favorite one.

Thank you naina.

Thank you, Imran I really appreciate your valuable time spent with us. 

Thanks, naina for giving me this opportunity.

Thank you, Imran

Wishing you lots of luck!

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