maturity in relationship



Real love is when you want to fall again

And again for the person,

Who loves you even in your worsen

When there is a glimpse of little fun,

You want your love shine bright like a sun


When their smile smashed away all your worries 

And you realize you forget all the furies

You promise to hold upon them till last

Even after knowing their worst past


Love is the one that holds your hand in the dark

And left you with a warmth mark

It is like a shining star that attends all your wishes

And promise you to offer memorable kisses


Love is the one that makes your dark life bright

And tell you to fight coz it’s your knight

It is not something that you put in your cart

Coz it is something you feel from the heart


It is the one you can talk without talking

Move miles and miles without walking

Feel the presence without touching 

Coz I believe love is in the air

And its demands to be felt

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