kon ho tum

Coz he loves me

He always surprises me on my birthday, 

Like all the happiness on my way.

I love you all that he says,

Coz he loves me like flowers on the way.


Every sadness changes into a smile, 

Whenever I look at his face, 

Takes my bad screenshot in video calls, 

But I don’t care in his case.

Coz he loves me even in my mess


He makes me feel like a queen, 

And wants to be my king,

But I don’t know why, 

He starts crying whenever I sing.

Coz he loves me as I’ve never seen.


We fight a lot every day,

I want to kill and smash him away.

I tell him to just get lost,

But at last, I’m the one he always wanted the most

Coz he loves me like Tom loves his Jerry at any cost.


He worries about me a lot, 

Whenever I cry he tells me to not.

Sitting beside me, he hugs me tight, 

And asks me if I am fine 

Coz he loves me like the sun loves his shine.


He tries to fulfill all my wishes, 

And gives me everyday forehead kisses.

Catches me making funny faces and laughs it loud, 

Coz I’ve got someone who makes me proud.


He denied every time when I ask him to praise,

But stay away from my girl,

To everyone he says, 

Coz he loves me like a poet loves his phrase.

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